Our Heritage

If there is one defining quality that sets New Zealand apart from the rest of the world, it is our passion for the outdoors. It is linked to the spirit of a people who journeyed thousands of miles across the oceans to start a fresh life in the New World. We have set out to capture this passion with the distinctive Logan brand of apparel. Logan traces its origins back to 1880 and a pioneering yacht designer and builder.


The beginning

Robert Logan Snr started a sailing dynasty that lasted three generations and created some of the finest racing yachts ever seen in New Zealand. 1880 marked the beginning of a remarkable era of yachting in the Southern Hemisphere. It was the year that Robert Logan Snr launched the racing cutter, ‘Jessie Logan’, and established his family’s reputation as the finest yacht designers in this part of the world. For nearly half a century, Logan racing yachts dominated regattas in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. They became the first choice of gentlemen racers, for their refined lines and unrivalled performance on the water.

One of the most celebrated yachts of the Logan fleet was the ‘Akarana’, which was restored to its former glory and presented to Australia on its Bicentenary by the Government of New Zealand. She can still be seen at the Maritime Museum in Sydney.

The success of the Logan yachts was such that they raced under their own exclusive racing pennant. Today, the distinctive black and white Logan pennant lives on in our exclusive range of apparel. The brand logo of crossed racing pennants is our guarantee of the finest workmanship and materials that go into each garment we produce.


logan menswear

 The Logan menswear brand was launched in the early 1990s & themed as an outdoor, nautical lifestyle brand, positioned to target a middle-aged male in the active lifestyle market. Success was immediate & the brand soon developed a loyal following. By the mid-nineties, the Logan brand was also launched to the Australian market & throughout the 90’s the brand was extremely successful, mainly due to the innovative brand values & authenticity of the concept & resulting in quality clothing. Since that time the brand has changed ownership & is now part of Designer Textiles International & is distributed via New Zealand’s largest retail store – Farmers Trading Company.

Today Logan remains one of Farmers premium menswear brands. The growing & loyal customer following has shown that the innovative brand positioning, combined with Logan’s uncompromised quality remains just as relevant today as it has in the past.

yacht drawing