The amount of little details & choices that go into each of garments is something that we’re quite used to. Because we design right here in New Zealand – we have the luxury of assessing all of the factors that contribute to the garment, as each of our little decisions can have a big impact on the final outcome.

At certain times of the year the office can get a little ‘creatively messy’ as we try different options out to ensure we get the smartest looking garments to the shop floor. Often visitors to the office will comment on the collections of buttons, thread colour charts & odd assortments of fabric ‘nesting’ at our desks to draw inspiration from.

We’re like a team of stealthy detectives we tend to notice all the finer details of things that we come across. If we find something that catches our eye, we can be a bit magpie-ish about it. As inspiration often strikes away from the office – the ability to take a quick photo on mobile phone has saved us some very awkward social moments.

Our Lead Designer does an amazing job of focusing not only what’s on-trend, but also what’s practical & will provide the best utility for our customers. So, next time you put on your favourite shirt, take a moment to look at some of the little details – we trust our attention to these small details ensure our garments remain firm favourites.